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Fire protection services in Chicago area

The question every homeowner and business owner has to ask themselves is – when a fire breaks out and nobody is on the premises, how will your structure and everything in it be protected?

Furthermore, what can you do to protect the property and people surrounding your property when a fire originates from yours? A fire sprinkler system is the only answer to a 24/7-protection solution that will minimize damages, injuries and losses to you and your neighbors.

KMSR's fire sprinkler experts provide the Chicago area with top-notch solutions that address the unique situations of every home and business. Sprinkler design, inspection and testing, and installation, maintenance and repair are all approached in a professional, industry-leading manner.

Residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems services

Our team of experts can provide you with a fast and accurate estimate of a protection system that will cover your needs. We will also educate you on the requirements set forth by the governing authorities regarding sprinkler systems, and provide you with ways to save on costs so you will come in on budget or under budget with your project.

Finally, our installation services are second to none, which means your fire protection system will offer you the coverage you need, but it won’t come with a cost to the aesthetics of your home or business.

The KMSR's company promise:

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire protection needs. Please feel free to contact us about your residential, industrial or commercial fire sprinkler services. We will provide a no-obligation consultation, survey or solution.

Completed projects

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Galvanized wet pipe system design, build and installation in Bridgeview, IL.
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Wet pipe system retrofit in 40,000 sq ft. in Crestwood, IL.
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Wet pipe system retrofit in Hickory Hills, IL.