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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems in Chicago area

A fire sprinkler system is among the most important fire fighting solutions a residence, business or industrial facility could have in knocking down medium to large-sized fires. Shamrock Fire Protection has over 10 years of experience in the Chicago region in industrial, commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems.

Our experts can design, build and install fire sprinkler systems that fit the unique needs of the client, regardless of how small or large.

Fire sprinkler systems types

There is more than one type of fire system available for fighting fires. The most appropriate system should be chosen based on the type and size of building and what materials are present in the structure. The systems include pre-action, dry pipe, wet pipe and deluge.

Dry pipe systems use pressurized air, which is what’s filling the pipes before water is introduced. The air allows for a slight delay in water making its way through the pipes and out the sprinkler heads. Dry pipe systems are a necessity in areas where the pipes would freeze if they were full of water. For instance, warehouses in northern climes are well suited for dry pipe systems.

Wet pipe systems are always filled with water with no air being present. High-rise office buildings where the temperature is always controlled are an example of a structure where wet pipe systems are used most often. Wet pipe systems are also the most cost efficient and require less maintenance than other systems.

Unlike the dry pipe system, deluge systems do not have pressurized air in the pipes prior to the introduction of water; there is only non-pressurized air. When activated by a smoke or heat detection system, a deluge valve opens and water is discharged through the sprinkler heads. Deluge systems are typically installed in areas where there are high hazards present, like chemical storage facilities, power plants and airplane hangars. These are areas that require the high velocity suppression offered by deluge systems.

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems somewhat of a hybrid because they have similarities to deluge and dry pipe systems. They are most commonly installed in areas where an accidental activation of a fire alarm is highly undesirable. For instance, a museum or gallery where valuable assets such as works of art or rare books are present, or data centers where water sensitive servers are present, are areas that can be damaged as much by water as by fire. Pre-action systems require two triggers to initiate the flow of water.

Fire sprinkler system services

The best way to avoid a fire-related disaster is to install a fire sprinkler system, and it’s fast becoming a requirement by fire officials throughout the country. In Chicago, high-rise buildings over 80 feet high (there are some exceptions) are required to have a fire sprinkler system.

Any firefighter will tell you that it is critical to suppress a fire within five minutes of ignition, and while most cities have excellent response times to emergencies, getting hoses on critical areas of the fire doesn’t always happen in those first five critical minutes.

Fire sprinkler system services offer that crucial buffer that can mean the difference between life and death, and certainly the difference between a financially devastating fire and one that can easily be managed.

A fire sprinkler system is simply an integrated system of piping that is connected to a water supply. The sprinkler heads may vary between systems, but they are strategically placed in areas where they can cover the most area should a fire occur. Some sprinkler systems include a heat element that will activate at a pre-determined temperature, ensuring that smoke alone does not trigger water activation.

Fire sprinkler system services offered by seasoned professionals include inspecting structures for the right type of system, whether it’s a wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge or pre-action system. The fire sprinkler professional can then design and build the system, and install it for the client.

Choose us for fire protection services

Shamrock Fire Protection's experts offer all the services clients require in implementing a fire sprinkler system. We work with residential and commercial clients by inspecting their structures, determining the right type of sprinkler system, designing it to the unique needs of the client, and installing it professionally.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in installing wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge and pre-action systems in the Chicago area. Our references can confirm that Shamrock Fire Protection approaches every client with a high degree of professionalism, and a great deal of expertise, finishing jobs on time and on budget – and most importantly, the job is done right.

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