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Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

Deluge fire sprinkler system in Chicago

Every fire sprinkler system should be designed to fit the specific and unique needs of each individual structure. The deluge fire sprinkler system fits the needs of most high hazard industrial and commercial spaces. These might include areas where high volumes and high capacity suppression is necessary to knock down flames and prevent further damage.

Power plants and chemical processing facilities are also common users of the deluge fire sprinkler system. Large spaces, such as aircraft hangars, are also prime targets for the deluge system. The sprinkler heads are designed in an “open-type” fashion, which are attached to a dry pipe connected to the main water supply. Since many of the large spaces these systems are utilized are not heated during the cold winter months, the dry pipe system is the best option, as it is impervious to freezing conditions, whereas a wet pipe system stands the risk of bursting should the water freeze.

The difference between traditional dry pipe systems and the deluge system is that the deluge does not require the pipes to be filled with pressurized air. A deluge valve will prevent water from entering the pipe until a fire activates the system, at which time water will flow generously through the pipes and out the open sprinkler heads.

Deluge fire sprinkler installation

It’s important to bring in a trusted contractor to install the deluge fire sprinkler system in Chicago. A trusted contractor will work with the design team (often from within the same contracting group) to review the sprinkler blueprints, choose the materials and components required for the job, and plan the installation process from start to finish.

Valley Fire Protection has been a go-to contractor for installing the deluge system in Chicago because the team is experienced and certified. They have been trained and are among the highest caliber technicians for the job. Valley will spearhead a pre-installation meeting where they will review all plans before the system components are delivered. Valley professionals will then lay out the components and begin installation, which is followed by a full test of the system to ensure all parts are working.

Deluge fire sprinkler inspection & testing

Corrosion is perhaps the biggest culprit in deluge fire sprinkler system failures in Chicago, which is why it’s important to have regular inspection and testing protocols set monthly, quarterly and yearly. Failure to carry out regular inspection and testing can result in failure of the system, which can equate to fines and high repair and replacement costs. In the worst-case scenario, failure to carry out routine inspections and testing can result in total loss of property and put lives in danger when a fire does break out.

Valley Fire Protection can schedule regular inspection and testing for clients in Chicago to ensure the deluge system is in peak condition. Valley’s team of professionals will offer a thorough inspection of all system components and run tests to ensure water flow is sufficient and all sprinkler heads are operational. It’s a valuable precaution that will not only save an organization’s property, but also save lives.

Deluge fire sprinkler maintenance

Quick and efficient maintenance on the deluge fire sprinkler system is vital when an inspection and/or testing reveals an issue with any component within the system. Exterior gauges, water pumps, control valves, sprinkler heads, water tanks, fire department connection, fire alarms, water flow alarms and pipes all need to be in excellent condition.

Valley Fire Protection will not only inspect and test deluge systems, we also provide expert maintenance services on any part of the system that has malfunctioned, corroded or broken. After more than two decades of service in the Chicago area, organizations that use deluge systems have grown to trust our thoroughness, professionalism and attention to detail. For more information about what we can provide you, contact us today at (847) 380-8828.

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