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Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

Fire sprinkler system inspection & testing services in Chicago area

The best fire sprinkler system in the world isn’t going to do its job correctly if something goes amiss. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association recommends quarterly inspection and testing. Shamrock Fire Protection company is licensed by the State of Illinois to perform inspections on and test fire sprinkler systems, ensuring that system will be ready to respond in the event of a fire.

Our company is available to schedule quarterly or yearly testing for clients who rely on their sprinkler systems to be the first responder, knocking down flames before they do serious harm to the home or business.

Here are just a few of the steps we will take when we carry out an inspection and test:
  • Sprinkler heads are not obstructed by anything
  • Piping and meter sizes are a good match for the overall system
  • Flow testing
  • Assure that sprinkler heads aren’t damaged or painted
  • Static pressure at riser is adequate
  • Proper strapping of riser

What are the fire code mandates in your area? Let us help you find out, and then schedule an inspection with us to ensure that your fire sprinkler system is up to code. Our company has certified inspection experts that will come to your home or office and test your flow and make sure all sprinkler heads are functioning properly.

All test results will be documented and records maintained in case your local fire officials need proof that your fire sprinkler system is functioning properly. Schedule an inspection with us today by calling 815-397-8704.

Fire sprinkler inspection

Fire suppression systems are designed to make structures more secure in the event of a fire. Whether it’s a home or a high-rise, the sprinkler system has to be inspected to ensure it’s in working order.

When was the last time you had your sprinkler system inspected? If you can’t remember, you might be in violation of a local or state ordinance. Furthermore, and more serious, you could be putting the people who live or work in your property at risk if you aren’t carrying out frequent inspections of your system.

We will send certified professionals to inspect your system, going through a long checklist that ensures everything in your system has been covered:
  • Visual inspection of all sprinkler heads to ensure they are in proper orientation
  • Valves are lubricated, in proper position, have the proper signage and are sealed
  • For monitored systems, inspector will check to make sure the signals are being received at the central monitoring station
  • Main drain tested for proper water volume
  • Sprinkler head water pressure tested
  • Flow switches are tested

Our team will carry out inspections that ensure the systems are up to national fire codes, regional codes, and that the system meets the manufacturer’s requirements. Every inspection comes with a detailed report and documentation. Our recommendations ensure that our clients are safe and that they have the information they need to accomplish long-term protection.

From testing water flow to testing alarms to carrying out obstruction investigation and valve maintenance, we will provide our clients with thorough inspection services and offer expert recommendations.

Fire sprinkler testing

Frequent tests on your fire sprinkler system are the only way to fully protect your property and the people in it from fire and smoke damage. When you have the right alarms, extinguishers, suppression system and sprinklers up and ready to respond in the event of a fire, statistics prove that you are many times more likely to protect your people and your property from fire.

The National Fire Protection Association standards and codes, as well as state, regional and municipal codes are in place to ensure that your protection system is going to work as advertised. Schedule a test with us by calling 815-397-8704, and rest assured that we will determine whether or not you’re up to code. If something is not up to code, our complete list of recommendations will guide you through to a successful outcome.

Fire pump testing services of all types fire sprinkler systems in Chicago area

There is perhaps no piece of your fire protection system more important than your fire pump. The fire pump is what delivers water to sprinkler heads at the crucial moment when a fire breaks out, and ensures that every sprinkler has the right amount of water pressure behind it to put out the flames. Do you know if it is in the right working order to protect your property and everyone in it?

To make sure your system will work when it is called upon, regular fire pump inspection and testing is required. Our fire sprinkler company has more than 10 years of experience inspecting and testing fire pumps, which means we are among the most qualified in the Chicagoland area to assist you with your system.

Even the best fire protection systems require testing and inspection on a quarterly or annual basis because fire pumps can lose their effectiveness over time, especially if they aren’t properly cared for and maintained. Fire pumps are actually a complex piece of equipment, which is why it’s important to have a certified professional inspect and test your pump.

When our professionals visit your site, they’ll run several tests on your fire pump, including:
  • Flow switch and tamper test
  • If you have a fire alarm monitor, the tamper switch will send a signal to it, informing the monitoring company that a valve has been closed. The flow switch is also a crucial piece of the system as it is what starts the flow of water to sprinkler heads, and it also triggers the fire alarm.
  • Coupling alignment
  • All the couplings on your fire system must be aligned if it is going to work properly. Things such as careless maintenance, unintentional collisions and thermal expansion can throw your couplings out of alignment, and if they aren’t attended to in a timely manner, they can cause a failure in the system when it’s needed most.
  • Circulation relief valve test
  • Your fire pump can overheat, which is why the circulation relief valve must be in proper working order. If the pump overheats during our testing procedure, we’ll fix the problem, because the system will certainly fail if the pump is put to use during an actual fire.
  • Bypass loop inspection
  • The bypass loop provides water supply at street pressure when the pump is not functioning or when it is being serviced. This ensures that while the system is being worked on, you’ll still have water flow through your system, keeping your property covered in the event of a fire.

Fire sprinkler inspection and testing company

Shamrock Fire Protection company is the go-to expert in Chicago area for inspection and testing of your entire fire sprinkler system. From pumps, to pipes, to valves and sprinkler heads, our professional inspectors know what to look for in every type of fire suppression system on the market today.

We follow the National Fire Protection Association’s code and we know all the codes unique to Chicago, which means we’re able to make sure your system is not only running properly, but that it is also up to code.

Contact us today at 815-397-8704 and schedule an inspection. You can also schedule quarterly and annual inspections that will come complete with detailed reports and documentation.