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Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire sprinkler installation in Chicago area

If you’re considering a fire sprinkler system installation at your home or business, Shamrock Fire Protection's experts can assist you in getting the facts on the type of system you need and how it will benefit you.

Our over 10 years of experience in the Chicago area make us an industry leader in designing, building, and installing a variety of different fire protection systems.

Why should you install a system? It’s a valid question and here are some answers:
  • Your smoke alarms are a necessary component in fire protection, but they can’t extinguish a fire. The right fire sprinkler system can put out fires as residents or employees are evacuating.
  • Sprinklers are triggered by heat, not smoke, which means you don’t have to worry about an unnecessary downpour after you’ve just snuffed out a candle or if dinner got slightly charred on the stovetop.
  • The average home fire sprinkler system only slightly increases the cost per square foot of new construction.
  • Sprinklers activate faster than the fastest firemen can get to your home or business, unravel their hoses, hook them up to a hydrant and douse the flames. In fact, most fire sprinkler systems will activate between 30 and 60 seconds of a fire outbreak.
  • Depending on your insurance provider, installing fire sprinklers could reduce your insurance premiums.

If you’ve avoided installing a fire sprinkler system because you believe every sprinkler will activate when you put out a candle, understand that this is only a myth.

The fact is – sprinkler systems installed by Shamrock Fire Protection company will only activate in the areas of the home or business where fire is present. In most cases when a sprinkler system is activated, only one of the sprinkler heads is required to knock down the fire threat.

Consider these facts as you weigh the options of installing a fire protection system:
  • The risk of fire-related death is reduced by around 80 percent in homes where a fire sprinkler system has been installed.
  • Property losses in homes with sprinklers are cut by around 70 percent in homes with sprinkler systems.

Design - build sprinkler systems

Shamrock Fire Protection company partakes in what is referred to as design-build projects. A design-build sprinkler system project often includes new construction work where our design team takes into account all the needs of the client and builds a fire protection system around those needs. We then tackle the installation process, putting all the pieces in place to fully cover the home or business in the event of fire – large or small.

Our professionals determine the type of system – wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge or pre-action – that will best fit the unique needs of the client. It’s this customized approach that has made us a go-to fire protection professional in Chicago. Our team will design, build and install the system, and we will also carry out routine maintenance of the system to ensure that it will be prepared to activate, as needed – 24/7.

Regardless of the size of the project, the design-build method of fire protection solutions is a good fit for new construction, retrofitting legacy systems in existing buildings or newly acquired existing structures, both in the residential and business markets.

Contact us today for a list of design-build projects Shamrock has completed and get an idea of how thorough and professionally we carry out every project for every unique client.

Fire sprinkler systems retrofits

New fire protection regulations pop up all the time in the Chicago area, and it’s important to make sure your system is up to code. While many exceptions are made for older structures, which are sometimes grandfathered to remain consistent with codes existing at the time of the construction, many property owners realize it makes sense to adopt a newer fire sprinkler solutions to protect inhabitants and their property.

Some buildings require a retrofit solution, which is something we have years of experience in. Property owners can’t risk bringing in an inexperienced contractor because retrofitting a fire sprinkler system is a complex task that requires a seasoned professional. Our team has the logistical experience required to take on a large fire sprinkler retrofit project, finishing on time and on budget. Furthermore, we have the bonding and insurance capacity that surpasses our competitors.

Our clients know that a retrofit project involves the delicate balance between convenience and cost, and we will take alternative approaches to ensure the project fits regulations and the expectations of the client.

Every retrofit is different, which is why Shamrock Fire Protection's professionals carefully coordinate every project with expert designers, builders and installers. Furthermore, our clients can’t afford to shut down or even incur disruptions during their normal operating hours, which is why our communicates clearly with clients to determine the best possible times work can be completed.

Shamrock Fire Protection's clients who undergo a retrofit see their property insurance premiums go down, see a reduction in losses to fire, and enhance the appearance of their building (especially when upgrading old sprinkler systems). Our projects have taken place in just about every type of building, both private and public, from high-rise structures to residential homes.

For more information about how we’ll tackle your retrofit, contact us today at 815-397-8704.

Fire sprinkler systems head relocations

There are a variety of reasons fire sprinkler heads must be relocated, but the most common reasons involve changes to the interior of a structure, such as an interior wall being knocked down or ceilings being reconfigured. To provide adequate coverage after such changes are made, sire sprinkler system sprinkler head relocation becomes a necessity.

Perhaps the most frequently occurring scenario where this happens is in retail space where new tenants take over and make massive redesigns.

Office spaces are also subject to sprinkler head relocation as changes are made to the space that fit the evolution and/or changing needs of the company.

Fire sprinkler services contractor

Don’t rely on just any contractor to relocate your sprinkler heads or install a new system. Whether in the home or the office, pick a trusted professional like Shamrock fire sprinkler contractor.

Our team of experts has years of experience in installing new systems and augmenting existing systems. Whether you to relocate sprinkler heads in a retail space or have a new system designed for a high-rise building, we will design, build, install and maintain your fire system. Contact us today at 815-397-8704 and let’s discuss your project.