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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair

Sprinkler system repair and maintenance services in Chicago

Chicago residents and business owners need a 24-hour solution when it comes to sprinkler system repair and maintenance services, and that’s exactly what Valley Fire Protection has offered for two-plus decades. We understand that these systems require routine maintenance because they are the number one defense against fires, protecting property and saving lives.

The professionals at Valleyv are experts at repairing and maintaining all types of fire protection systems and equipment, include wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge and pre-action systems. Experience has proven that regular maintenance is the key to longer life of the fire sprinkler system, which is why it’s important to choose a qualified contractor to carry out repairs and maintenance. Valley has the proper certification and the expertise required to carry out every job with excellence.

Valley specializes in the following:

Fire sprinkler system repair

When clients call on Valley Fire Protection to with fire sprinkler system issues, we respond with speed to resolve any problem. The most common issues Chicago homeowners and business owners experience involves basic emergency repairs, fire pump servicing, sprinkler head relocation, dry and pre-action system trips and backflow repair. However, we’re ready to analyze any situation and get to the bottom of any issue affecting the performance of your fire sprinkler system.

Whether your fire sprinkler line is above ground or below, we have the tools required to diagnose the situation and get your system up and running, regardless of the time of day. Valve repair, fire hydrant repair or replacement, tamper switch repair, sprinkler head repair or replacement – if any component of your system is not in proper working order, we know how to remediate the issue.

Fire sprinkler system maintenance

Valley Fire Protection assists clients with a variety of maintenance issues that give them confidence that their fire sprinkler system will work when called upon. If a compressor is running more than it should, we will solve the issue. If a dry system needs to be prepped for the frigid winter temperatures, we’ll have it ready before the first frost. These are common maintenance issues that Chicago homeowners and business owners come up against regularly, so leave the routine maintenance to us.

Our maintenance solutions also help to keep our clients in compliance with Chicago fire codes, which have evolved over the years. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you find out how your fire sprinkler system is working – call Valley Fire Protection today at (847) 380-8828 and schedule an appointment for a site visit by one of our certified professionals. We are the company you can trust to keep your property and your people safe.

Completed projects

Take a moment to look at some of the properties that are protected by Valley Fire Protection Services
The Pittsfield building
Realtor Building
Fire systems installation, design and build for the commercial building in Chicago.
Heritage Woods
Fire system installation and maintenance for assisted living building in Batavia.
North Grand High School
Educational building after fire systems protection services project in Chicago.

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