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Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe fire sprinkler system in Chicago area

While the wet pipe system is the most popular due to its ease of installation and maintenance, it’s not a perfect fit for all occasions. Any structure where freezing is a possibility, dry pipe systems should be installed because a wet pipe system stands the chance of bursting should the water in the pipes freeze and expand.

Instead of being filled with water, the dry pipe system is filled with pressurized air or nitrogen. The air or gas will hold the dry pipe water valve in a closed position, preventing water from entering the pipes. However, should a fire break out, the sprinklers activate and the air is released, taking pressure off the valve and allowing water to flow to the sprinkler heads.

Dry pipe fire sprinkler installation

The most common areas where dry pipe sprinkler systems are installed in Chicago are unheated structures, such as warehouses or outside loading docks that are exposed to the elements. Commercial freezers and attics are also places where dry pipe systems are installed.

Wet pipe systems, which have safeguards that prevent them from accidentally releasing water from the sprinkler heads, infrequently malfunction, but this present a dire situation for data centers and other areas where the contents are sensitive to water, such as a fine art storage area or gallery. Any structure containing water sensitive goods are popular spaces for dry pipe systems.

The National Fire Protection Association regulations allow contractors to install dry pipe systems in areas where the ambient temperature falls below 40F. Choosing the right contractor is important when installing a dry pipe system, and it’s something clients of Shamrock Fire Protection can attest to.

Our fire sprinkler company has many years of experience in installing dry pipe systems with expertise and on time. Homeowners, business owners and general contractors choose Shamrock Fire Protection because they know the system will be installed on budget and without any hiccups.

Dry pipe sprinkler inspection & testing

While dry pipe systems don’t have water in them, they require regular inspection and testing, partially because of the condensation that can occur after testing.

When a dry pipe system is installed, the contractor will test it to ensure that all sprinkler heads are functioning and the system responds as required.

The water is pushed out of the pipes but some dampness remains, which causes humidity. When the humidity is exposed to the pressurized air, the humid air will fall out of suspension and form condensation. Because of this, it’s important to make sure the condensation buildup doesn’t lead to a freeze that will prevent the system from functioning.

A monthly inspection might include a close look at the dry pipe valve, trim, enclosure and other related component. Inspectors look for physical damage and ensure that all trim valves are in the right position (open or closed). Inspectors will also look for intermediate chamber leaks in their monthly inspection. This is also a prime opportunity to repair or replace any damaged gauges. For instance, most inspectors will recalibrate or replace gauges that aren’t accurate within three percent.

Shamrock Fire Protection company is the go-to inspection and testing professional in Chicago, whether it’s a monthly, annual or five-year service. With a certified team of professionals utilizing the expertise that they’ve gained over many years of servicing dry pipe systems, we can thoroughly inspect and test systems throughout the Chicago region and offer clients the assurance that their system will operate as needed when called upon.

Dry pipe fire sprinkler maintenance

With more parts than a wet pipe system, the dry pipe system requires more maintenance, especially after the system is activated or tested.

Differential dry pipe valves, trim components, control valves, gauges, priming water fill cups, drain cups and many other parts are essential to the proper operation of a dry pipe system. These systems also rely on a reliable air supply so that the valve doesn’t open, which can also add an element to the maintenance list.

Whether it’s resetting a differential dry pipe valve or repairing pipes where corrosion has become prominent, our fire sprinkler company has the expertise to make repairs and replacement of any dry pipe system part.

Furthermore, designing and installing the systems are also part of the range of services we offer. Contact us today at 815-397-8704 and let’s discuss your needs.

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