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Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet pipe fire sprinkler system in Chicago area

Among all the fire systems in existence today, the wet pipe fire sprinkler system is the most prevalently used. It’s referred to as wet pipe because there is always water in the piping system that lead to the sprinklers. This means there is no delay when the sprinkler is activated – the water is at the ready and releases immediately upon activation.

Simply put, the wet pipe system is easy to design, install, and it’s reliable because it has the fewest number of components. Having fewer parts reduces the risk of malfunction. Reliability is of Shamrock Fire Protection when it comes to a fire sprinkler system, which is among the most important aspects in the first line of defense against fires. Wet pipe systems require at least annual maintenance checks, which are easy to perform given the simplicity of the system.

For property owners who experience a fire, the wet pipe sprinkler system doesn’t require much to get it back up and going. In fact, most of these systems are designed so the water supply simply has to be turned off, replace any fused sprinklers, reinstate the protection, and turn the water supply on again. Other systems require more labor-intensive action to get them reinstated and ready for the next fire.

For property owners who have large spaces without temperature control, especially in the winter months, the wet pipe system will not be an option due to the fact that the water in the pipes will freeze, expand and burst the piping. Furthermore, if the property is used to store valuable objects, such as fine art or electronics, accidental impact with the piping can cause it to leak, compromising the valuables within the structure.

Wet pipe fire sprinkler installation

An advantage to choosing the wet pipe system is that they are relatively easy to install, and the expense to maintain them is also fairly low compared to other system types. Because many structures evolve over time to fit the needs of the occupant, walls may be moved and erected where a sprinkler head current exists. Wet pipe systems can quite easily be modified to allow for changes made within the structure, whether it’s a home, business or industrial complex.

While the wet pipe system might be one of the less difficult to install, you still need to partner with a quality contractor with years of experience in installing wet pipe systems.

We have a team of professionals with the experience needed to install these systems correctly. Furthermore, we design systems for new construction and offer upgrades to existing systems.

Wet pipe fire sprinkler inspection & testing

Because the wet pipe systems are constantly filled with water, it’s important that they be inspected and tested regularly. With regular inspection and testing, you can be sure that there is a reasonable degree of protection from fire.

We have the trained personnel that can perform all inspections and tests required for a wet pipe system. Inspections include checking that all valves are sealed, supervised and locked. The valves should be accessible and free from any damage or leaks.

Furthermore, Shamrock Fire Protection's experts will ensure that all valves are properly labeled. We actually recommend that wet systems be inspected monthly to ensure they are in working order, but more thorough inspections should take place quarterly and annually.

For a monthly, quarterly or annual inspection, contact us today at 815-397-8704.

Wet pipe fire sprinkler maintenance

A properly maintained wet pipe system offers the most effective means for protecting property and the people inside of it. Shamrock Fire Protection's professionals offer a maintenance solution that is cost effective yet thorough.

From managing condensation to repairing the fire pump to fixing pipes that have suffered impact, we have the knowledge and experience offer the quality maintenance that ensure your system will always be ready to respond to fire.

Our company offers a maintenance solution that thoroughly examines gauges, pipes and fittings, sprinklers, fire department connections, control valves and bracing, which will be remediated fast and effectively should something malfunction. If you’re experiencing an issue, contact us today at 815-397-8704. Our team is ready to respond, 24/7.

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