24 Hour Emergency Services

24 Hour emergency fire protection service

Disasters don’t clock in and out on a 9–to-5 basis. They strike at the most inopportune times. Is your fire sprinkler system ready to knock down an impending disaster caused by fire in the middle of the night? You need 24-hour emergency services from a fire protection expert that you can rely on to keep your system up and running at all times. At Valley Fire Protection, we have a team of experts at the ready, morning, noon and night – weekends, weekdays and holidays. Our full-service protection covers our clients, 24/7/365.

Valley offers 24-hour sprinkler monitoring services to alert the fire department should a fire break out in the middle of the night. The monitoring system connects your sprinkler heads and control panel to fire protection professional and emergency first responders. If there is a technical malfunction, the monitoring system will notify Valley and we’ll respond immediately to solve the problem. It only takes seconds for our sprinkler heads to begin fighting the fire as the monitoring system alerts first responders. It’s the kind of protection that goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of your people and property.

It’s not uncommon for fire sprinkler systems to have mechanical issues, especially as they age. Regardless of what time of day or night you notice an emergency issue, it’s important to call Valley immediately. We make it a priority to get your system fixed and up and running quickly and efficiently, even if it’s 3 a.m. It’s the kind of service our Chicago clients have grown to expect from us, and it’s part of our mission statement to uphold that level dedication to our clients.

Valley has more than two-decades experience in the Chicago area working with homeowners and business owners to design, build, install, maintain and repair quality fire sprinkler systems. We’ve got the expertise to protect your property and keep your people safe, 24/7/365. Partner with us by calling today at (847) 380-8828. We know how important it is to have fast and reliable emergency fire sprinkler system services.

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